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ERNE Ball Tube

ERNE Ball Tube


Make training with the ERNE even better with the ERNE ball tube. Spend less time picking up balls and more time drilling. No more bending down to collect your balls. Make it easy and quick with the ERNE ball tube so you can get in as many reps as possible.

  • Effortless Pick-Up, No Bending Required: Say goodbye to bending over with the ERNE Pickleball Tube! Simply press the tube over the ball, and watch as it effortlessly gets sucked into the tube.
  • Versatile Pick-Up for All Ball Sizes: The Tube's proprietary intake system allows it to pick up both indoor and outdoor balls of all sizes.
  • Generous Capacity for Continuous Play: With the ability to hold about 17 pickleballs, this tube ensures you can keep the training going without frequent interruptions for ball retrieval.
  • User-Friendly Lightweight Design: Super lightweight and designed for everyone. Its durable construction allows you to leave it outside, ready for action whenever you are.
  • Efficient Emptying Process: Emptying the tube is a breeze – simply turn it over and dump the collected pickleballs into your ERNE hopper.
  • Convenient Built-In Fence Hook: Keep the tube off the ground and out of the way with the built-in fence hook, providing a convenient storage solution during breaks or when not in use.
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