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The future of Pickleball training machines for all skill levels...

In April we unveiled ERNE - the first machine we are bringing to the market. This machine is focused on players and contains a substantial array of drills and shots that support customization in terms of speed, spin, elevation and sweep.

The drills are easy to initiate thru the use of our iPhone and Android compatible application.


Unique to the ERNE is the ability to support either a battery or AC power to drive the machine, so you can have endless hours of drilling without the worry of a power source.  With our long-life battery, you can play for 3 continuous hours. Both machines also come with a simple remote control (at no additional cost) that allows the player to pause and start operations from a distance, making it incredibly easy to make adjustments from either side of the court.


The array of throwing options includes 25 different default drill types and 28 unique court locations that can be selected using just a finger.

Quote by Kim Bastien - Head of Partnerships at The Dink. "When I first met with Dave and Frank before ERNE could be announced I knew this would be a training game changer!"


Quote by Lee Whitwell - "I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to get mine and really take my game to the next level!"


  • Easy to Use: The ERNE Pickleball training machine is extremely easy to use allowing the player to simply select an appropriate predefined drill and start training 

  • Smooth, Precise and Stealthy:  The ERNE uses a different approach to motion control which translates to very precise control of shots, incredibly smooth operation.  While other machines in the market move the entire device when oscillating,  the ERNE simply moves an internal yoke which makes the ball throwing action stealthy and difficult to determine where the shot will be directed.  This keeps you on your game, all the time.

  • Drills: The ERNE is loaded with predefined drills that make it easy to get started with pickleball training. Any of the drills can be customized to support a players specific training needs. The default drills include everything from fixed point shots,  volleys, LOBs, various oscillation (horizontal, vertical) and finally, a set of drills for random positioning anywhere around the court (28 different court positions).   

  • Dual Power Support: The ERNE supports, by default, two different types of input power: AC or Battery. The battery lasts 4-8 hours depending on usage but with access to a typical AC plug the ERNE can run drills for as long as needed.  This gives you ultimate flexibility for where you want to train and how long you want to train for.

  • Compact for Travel: The ERNE has been meticulously designed to support a very large hopper that can hold up to 150 Pickleballs (biggest in the market) on the court but pack up to a minimum size for travel. 

  • Electronic Oscillation: Electronic oscillation is supported for both sweep (right to left) and elevation (up and down) by ERNE and is easily controlled via our smartphone application. 

  • Smartphone Controls: The ERNE is controlled completely via our smartphone application (iPhone, Android) that is incredibly easy to use but powerful enough to allow extensive drill customization and shot setup.

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ERNE has over 20 drill varieties to keep you on your game.

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Nate L.


“First thing I noticed with the Erne is the consistency at which the balls are shot. With other machines the balls would loose speed and accuracy, the Erne delivered the balls at the exact chosen speed and location time and time again.”

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